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Fort Collins Furnace Repair and Replacement

Furnace Repair. Furnace Replacement. Furnace Cleaning. Furnace Installation.

Furnace Repair and Replacement Contractor in Fort Collins, CO


If you’re looking for a Fort Collins furnace repair or a furnace replacement, then look no further because you have found the company for you. Our team has years of experience and has handled thousands of furnace repairs and furnace replacements so no matter what you need we can help. We are excited to serve you!

From a small repair or furnace cleaning to a complete furnace replacement and HVAC system overhaul, our company can help you. We’ll make sure that you get the best service around, and that you get the best equipment possible. Our goal is that if we pay your furnace that we get it into the best shape it’s been in and if we replace your furnace that you get one that saves you money over time.

Since 1999, we have been helping residents and business owners of Fort Collins, CO with all of their furnace repair and replacement needs. As an award-winning HVAC company, we have been counted as the best furnace repair company near me multiple times. Not only that but our nearly 5-star rating with over 700 Google reviews shows that our clients feel that we are also taking care of them every time that we’re in their home.

Here’s what some clients had to say:

“I had my furnace replaced because the old one was about 30yrs old and on its last legs. Now Heating and Air did a great job and set us up super quick. Albert and Nate did an amazing job on the installation and left the area clean. They also took me through all the processes of the furnace. They also showed me how to set up my new thermostat. they were nice friendly and very very tolerant of my barking dogs. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone else who needs their furnace/ac replaced or maintained.” – Dorne B.

“Thank you for returning my heat!! Our furnace went out, shocker during cold spell, but everyone at NOW that helped us out from Abram to Manny and all the other guys in between thank you for attending to our needs.  They are very respectful of your home by wearing booties plus covering floors as well and even sweeping up after themselves.” – Della

Award-Winning Repair Service

Our mission is to create the greatest experience you’ve ever had with an HVAC company. One of the greatest compliments that we can get is not only that people share a review with the world, but they call us back for any other needs that they may have. We love being the number one choice for furnace repair in Fort Collins.

We back everything that we do by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe that you should have peace of mind when you hire the HVAC company to know that they are committed to doing the job right. We don’t just take your money and run, but we serve you until you’re completely satisfied. Not only that, but we offer service 24 hours a day and service seven days a week this means I’m out of the day or the time that you have a furnace repair or replacement concern, we are able to help. We think you deserve the best service at the time you need it, every time. 

Having your heat go out is never a good thing. Especially in the middle of one of the terrible Fort Collins winters. Our HVAC team has years of experience so will get your heat back on fast. We understand that it’s not just a comfort issue, but it’s also a safety issue and we will make sure did help keep you and your family safe. However, we do want to help make your home more comfortable as well and we will give you guidance on exactly what is needed for that.

You deserve a company that takes as much pride in their work as you do your home. We treat you like family and we take care of all of our clients. If you need a furnace repair in Fort Collins or if you need a furnace replacement in Fort Collins, then we are the first number that you should call. Call us today or fill out the form online for a free no-obligation quote and let’s get your furnace taken care of now!